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Top 27 Reasons to Get Married!

Here they are, girls!!

1. Love
2. Body guard
3. Heater blanket
4. Jewelry fund
5. Stability
6. Clothes fund
7. Taste tester
8. Someone to talk to (even if he doesn't always listen)
9. Bug terminator!
10. Foot massager
11. Car mechanic
12. TV remote locator
13. Lawn maintenance
14. Arm candy
15. Jar opener
16. Someone to share your life
17. Baby maker
18. Kid entertainer
19. BIG and cuddly
20. Furniture mover
21. Bill payer
22. Someone to annoy
23. Someone to tickle!
24. Shoulder to cry on
25. Personal slave
27. Handyman

Ladies, any to add? I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas!

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Chocolate that reads your mind…

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Chocolate that reads your mind…

Ladies, you know what I’m talking about! When you just have to have some. Ooey, smooth, creamy and rich… CHOCOLATE!

Tonight, I needed a little sweetness in my life so I dug up the “stash.” Now the “stash,” (which used to be in my possession) has now been located in Matt’s closet since a couple weeks after we got married. He thinks he’s moderating my chocolate intake… hehehe.

But that’s aside from the point!

Here is what I pulled out:

This particular chocolate bar was a gift from my sister-in-law at a bridal shower just before the wedding. And yes, it is called the Marital Bliss Bar from Bloomsberry & Co. And yes, it is split 50/50… maybe with a little preference toward “her” side of the chocolate bar.

I love it. When I showed Matt, he laughed, took his 50%, I took mine, and no more needed to be said. Just keep the marital bliss going. That’s right.

Here is just a quick shot of what the wrapper looked like (after the devourment of chocolate, of course!)… it shows different varieties of chocolate from the same company:

I love how these chocolate bars aren’t just chocolate. They create a statement that is colorful and funny. Plus they kind of say everything that girls want them to… LOVE them!

Which looks good to you?

As for me, I think I’m going to try some of the Ultimate Balanced Diet…..

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Just a little bit of me

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So last night my wedding photos arrived. It had been almost exactly four months after the wedding and Matt and I had finally ordered them from our wonderful photographer, Leda. I was excited! One might even say ecstatic… My husband took this opportunity to tease me when I called him at work, begging him to bring home “the tools.”

“Which tools, Mara?” he asked.

“The picture hanging tools!” I responded, getting frustrated at his pretend lack of knowledge about which tools to bring home.

“So I’ll definitely need my sledge hammer then.”

After a few more moments of this conversation, I finally just told him to bring all of the tools and he agreed.

I carried about my business, unwrapping the frames that I had decided to put the photos in, and carefully placing each photo inside. Well… kind of. You see, there was this one photo that just wouldn’t quite go in, so I worked on it, shifting it back and forth, determined to get it in place and completely ignoring that annoying scraping noise… until I turned it over and found out that the center of my beautiful wedding photo was scratched beyond repair.

I remember Matt saying something about just filling it in with a crayon, but I am way too much of a perfectionist for that… so I will just have to reorder. Soon!!

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