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Top 27 Reasons to Get Married!

Here they are, girls!!

1. Love
2. Body guard
3. Heater blanket
4. Jewelry fund
5. Stability
6. Clothes fund
7. Taste tester
8. Someone to talk to (even if he doesn't always listen)
9. Bug terminator!
10. Foot massager
11. Car mechanic
12. TV remote locator
13. Lawn maintenance
14. Arm candy
15. Jar opener
16. Someone to share your life
17. Baby maker
18. Kid entertainer
19. BIG and cuddly
20. Furniture mover
21. Bill payer
22. Someone to annoy
23. Someone to tickle!
24. Shoulder to cry on
25. Personal slave
27. Handyman

Ladies, any to add? I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas!

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About Mara Olson

I’m addicted to dreaming! I’m also a work in progress, constantly learning and falling in love with the beautiful things in life. This blog is a snapshot of my inspirations, loves, and desire to create something beautiful and meaningful through my designs. I hope that as you join me, you will be inspired to create a wedding that truly reflects you and your hopes for that day.

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  1. Wow it looks like there a lot of great reasons to get married. but it all seems to boil down to these things.

    1. kills things for you
    2. buys things for you
    3. does stuff for you
    4. makes you look good… I mean makes you look better


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