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Reminder to Celebrate!

Reminder to Celebrate!

Seven months ago yesterday, I walked down the aisle toward my best friend, a wonderful man I like to call Matt. That day, I promised to share my life with him, to love and cherish him always. No matter what!

I know that it’s only month seven, but we try to celebrate in some small way each month, whether it is just dancing to one of our wedding songs, or going out for dinner, or writing a special note to each other.

Don’t get me wrong, these types of things don’t have to be limited to anniversaries—nor should they! But it’s good to take the time to do something special every once in a while to remind your bride or groom that you care about them and that they are important to you! A little bit goes a long way, especially when it is unexpected.

I just want to share just a couple of the memories from the day that I married Matthew Olson (photos courtesy of LVL Photography!). Hope you enjoy!

The Men

The Ladies

Bride and groom in the church

Waiting in the stairwell

Matt and Mara


First Dance

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Just a bit of commentary: RSVPs

It’s raining today. Pretty hard in fact, so I thought I would stay inside and write a little something on my blog. Maybe I’ll just touch on a little etiquette that every guest should know (you’d be surprised!)…

BUMMER: Never assume the happy bride and groom know you’re coming to their wedding. Send back the RSVP card or at least call… preferably before the “reply by” date!

BONUS: If you are unable to make it to the wedding, you are not required to send a gift. However the bride and groom will love you forever if you do. Just saying.

When I got married, I think there were only 10 people out of the 350 or so that were invited that had to be tracked down after that ever fast-approaching “reply by” date. Even though that number was quite small, I launched a full-blown, ninja-style, bridezilla pursuit until I got a final answer as to whether or not the missing guests were going to be at my wedding.

Some aren’t as fortunate in their RSVP responsiveness. In my experience, your invitation should be an introduction to your wedding, the style and expectations of your event. Your invitation is a way that you can get people excited to come! Pique their curiosity! Make your event spectacular!

Fall Inspiration: Burnt edged linen pocket invitation sealed with hemp twine.

Fall Inspiration: Burnt edged linen pocket invitation sealed with hemp twine.

Make your invitations the first piece of an event your guests will never forget!

Any thoughts to add? I love your comments!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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Dinner, anyone?

Dinner, anyone?

I love black and white weddings. Don’t get me wrong, color is AMAZING (you should see my house!!), but there’s just something so classic and sophisticated about a well-done black and white wedding theme. That’s why I insisted that my husband wear a black tie to our wedding, and that’s why I absolutely loved designing these menu cards!

B&W Menu Card

Menu Card Detail

Matthew in b&w tux

And the last one was my husband. Ha. (just thought I’d throw him in there to illustrate the classiness of a black and white tux)

The menu cards are crafted from a parchment/linen paper combo with sequined trim. My, oh my. Textures and details must be my forte because when something is blended and balanced just right, I can’t stand the excitement!! Are you with me? Are you, are you? I know, I’m a paper nerd.

At the very least, hopefully this makes you want to dress up and go out for dinner.

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It’s all in the details… maybe?

It’s all in the details… maybe?

I’m not going to lie, I love details. Anything fuzzy, sparkly, small, intriquite, intriguing and delicate. Love, love! So as you can imagine, putting together my wedding this spring caused a few headaches…

One such headache came on the morning of my first dress fitting. I had an appointment at noon, and I didn’t have shoes. At all. Because my wedding was at the end of March, I had procrastinated so badly in this, debating whether or not to buy closed-toe boots in case of a far too common Michigan snowstorm, or if I should go with the traditional elegant heels in hopeful anticipation of decent weather.

When the stores opened at 10, I knew I had just over an hour and a half to find the perfect pair. Elegant, classy, and comfortable, with just a little something to make them perfect. Details. Oh, and they had to be ivory to match my dress.

So I began my rampage at the local mall, running from store to store several times, trying on shoes and annoying the sales associates by asking for different colors and sizes that clearly didn’t exist… I tried! On my third run to Macy’s I found a pair on the clearance rack that were perfect–all except for the size, so the sales associate there politely called all of the other local Macy’s stores and asked if they carried my size. There was one pair left at the mall across town and I had 45 minutes to go before my appointment.

I’m sure I drove like a maniac. And I’m sure that in my crazy bridezilla head all I could think about was how my dress would be altered incorrectly if I didn’t have my wedding shoes when I went to try on the dress. So I got to Macy’s, ran to the shoe department, asked for the shoes by name, bought them and left to go to my dress alteration appointment.

After arriving, I realized I had a problem. The shoes were the wrong color.

Can you believe it?

I must have had fifteen minutes to go when I saw a DSW and was able to go inside and immediately find my wedding shoes.

(thanks for the photo, LVL Photography!)

After all of that, it only took 15 minutes to find my wedding shoes and the color, height and sparkle were just right. And they didn’t even have to alter the length of the dress.

Weddings can be very stressful, but at the end of the day, you will be married. And nothing can stop that, not even an elusive detail.

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I’m Back/Random Cute Centerpieces

I’m Back/Random Cute Centerpieces

After a long couple weeks of adjustment, I’m back and ready to go!!

I have had tons of fun getting together new invites and am loving working full time in March 27 Designs. Unfortunately… my camera is needing a download before I can show you what I’ve been up to! So here’s this instead:

Flower Cake Centerpiece from Better Homes and Gardens

Flower Cake Centerpiece from Better Homes and Gardens


Isn’t that the most adorable centerpiece? I found it on the Better Homes and Gardens website. For my wedding, I thought about putting a miniature cake at each table for the reception, but thought it would be too costly… So here’s just another way to make it happen, and definitely a fun DIY project!

And because it’s October 🙂

Pumpkin/Carnation Centerpiece from Better Homes and Gardens

Pumpkin/Marigold Centerpiece from Better Homes and Gardens


This lovely little piece also comes from Better Homes and Gardens, gosh I love that magazine! : )

You know what else I love? Fall.
I am ridiculously pumped to go pick some apples, do a corn maze and haunted house and carve some pumpkins!
How about you?

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