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Just a bit of commentary: RSVPs

It’s raining today. Pretty hard in fact, so I thought I would stay inside and write a little something on my blog. Maybe I’ll just touch on a little etiquette that every guest should know (you’d be surprised!)…

BUMMER: Never assume the happy bride and groom know you’re coming to their wedding. Send back the RSVP card or at least call… preferably before the “reply by” date!

BONUS: If you are unable to make it to the wedding, you are not required to send a gift. However the bride and groom will love you forever if you do. Just saying.

When I got married, I think there were only 10 people out of the 350 or so that were invited that had to be tracked down after that ever fast-approaching “reply by” date. Even though that number was quite small, I launched a full-blown, ninja-style, bridezilla pursuit until I got a final answer as to whether or not the missing guests were going to be at my wedding.

Some aren’t as fortunate in their RSVP responsiveness. In my experience, your invitation should be an introduction to your wedding, the style and expectations of your event. Your invitation is a way that you can get people excited to come! Pique their curiosity! Make your event spectacular!

Fall Inspiration: Burnt edged linen pocket invitation sealed with hemp twine.

Fall Inspiration: Burnt edged linen pocket invitation sealed with hemp twine.

Make your invitations the first piece of an event your guests will never forget!

Any thoughts to add? I love your comments!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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I’m addicted to dreaming! I’m also a work in progress, constantly learning and falling in love with the beautiful things in life. This blog is a snapshot of my inspirations, loves, and desire to create something beautiful and meaningful through my designs. I hope that as you join me, you will be inspired to create a wedding that truly reflects you and your hopes for that day.

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  1. SO agree with you on RSVP’ing. It takes so little time to do and is such a blessing to the bride-to-be to not have to track down people. I too, had most of my guests RSVP on time, but there were a few that I needed to call or email. UGGH!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Shelby! So true…


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