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A green wedding? Making it possible.

A green wedding? Making it possible.

Being green.

1. Not everything about your wedding has to be energy efficient.
2. You don’t have to save the environment by asking for donations to an environmental organization instead of gifts.
3. You don’t have to drive a battery-powered car to your reception.
4. You don’t even have to buy special invitations that you can plant after your wedding (as cool as it is to have seeds in your paper!!!).

Don’t get me wrong, these things are all good! But when I was planning my wedding, I decided to go a different route and create wedding items that I could re-use… whether to give away, decorate my house, or donate to my little sister who will be getting married sooner than later! This is one way that I was able to have a “green” wedding, save some money later, and feel good about not putting so much to waste.

Here are some ways that you can recycle through your wedding!

Table Numbers

This one is my favorites. Go nuts and make your table numbers a piece of art… really! The table numbers at my wedding each had a different quote on the back and after the wedding I was able to use the quote-side to create a unique and modern work of art above my doorway.


Table number at wedding

Table numbers at our wedding

Photo from LVL Photography


Table numbers... after the wedding

Table numbers... after the wedding

Table number idea - after the wedding

Table number decor - large view

Escort Cards

A second way that you can recycle through your wedding is with your escort cards. If your escort cards are a classic design, they can easily become place cards–perfect for hosting a family gathering such as Thanksgiving or Christmas (something newlyweds often do so that they can “show off” their new house!).

Simply ask a family member to collect them at the end of the reception, or ask the host at your venue to collect them when clearing the tables.

Escort card idea

Escort cards used for Thanksgiving dinner

Talk to your wedding stationary professional about ideas like this. At March 27 Designs, we aim to create wedding pieces that reflect you. If you truly love your wedding art, you should be able to continue to enjoy it after you say “I do.”


Another way to “go green” is to think ahead about your decorations and purchase or make things that you will use later. I have three fantastic examples of this from our wedding.

First of all, I looooooove candles! We had almost 300 candles lining the walls of the church when we got married, and I purchased a beautiful set of candles for each of our reception centerpieces. It was amazing. And guess who got to bring them home and decorate her house… yours truly! I didn’t take them all, of course, because it would’ve been a little intense to decorate my small house with hundreds of candles. Giggle.

Candles lining the walls of the church

Candles lining the walls of the church

Photo from LVL Photography
Candle wedding centerpieces

Candle centerpieces

Photo from LVL Photography

The second example of how I was able to “go green” was literally green. Our wedding took place the weekend before Easter, and I love palm trees. I bought the trees and they made my wedding beautiful. I then left them there for the church to use for their Easter service, came and got them after the honeymoon, and here they are, still decorating my house! My family is making bets on whether or not they will survive to our one year anniversary… So far I’m winning!

Palm tree wedding decorations

Palm tree decorations

Photo from LVL Photography

The third example of how we used the decor in practical and reusable ways was through our candy dishes in the Fireside Room at Calvin College’s Prince Conference Center (yes, those are my wedding photos on their site!). I bought these beautiful little star-shaped dishes and I can’t tell you how often I’ve used them in my own home for not only candy, candles, and small flower arrangements, but also Christmas decorations (more to come next week!).

Wedding candy dish turned Christmas decoration

Wedding candy dish turned Christmas decoration

So… what’s the moral of the story? When planning your wedding, choose items that you love, and items that reflect you… Not only will you be fulfilling your wedding dream by being true to yourself, you just might be able to use some of it after the event.

Are you planning to have a “green” wedding? Do you have other ideas to share? Please post them! I love to hear from you!

For more inspiration, please visit March 27 Designs.

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