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Sip a secret.

Sip a secret.

My husband doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to find his Valentine’s card.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s day? Maybe a nice dinner with some candles? Yup. We did that!

During dinner, we reminisced a bit… Last year I had to pop a room full of balloons to find my gift and the year before that I followed a scavenger hunt all day before it came to it’s close. Then Mr. Wonderful announced that this year he is building me a vanity for my upstairs bathroom!

It was a tad unconventional as far as Valentines gifts go, and to the untrained eye it might seem quite practical and un-valentine-istic… But to me, it is severely romantic that he would do that for me! Let’s face it, we have an ooold house and things are always needing to be fixed. But something like this vanity is something that didn’t have to be done, but something that he wanted to do for me. So sweet!

Here’s where my part comes in. Even though I’m an avid invitation designer, my creativity doesn’t always happen on paper. So I tried something completely different. Maybe a little more masculine (it’s for my husband so it’s okay), and something that he LOVES. Check it out…

Unique Valentine

What can I say, he loves this stuff!

Yes, it’s a bottle of Coke. His fav. Mine too, although I’m slightly biased toward the Vanilla flavored type… Anyway, he had spent all evening constructing the vanity for me so it made sense to get him something cool and refreshing to drink. But here’s the secret:

Unique Valentine

My Valentine

You didn’t know Coca Cola could be cool, refreshing and romantic, did you?

It hardly compares to the work that he put into the vanity, but we’ll roll with it. Happy Valentine’s Day, Matt! I love you with all my heart.

Do you have any unique Valentine stories to share? I love hearing from you!

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  1. Got to say, that’s awfully clever of you! I’ll have to do that someday …


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