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More than a collection of names…

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More than a collection of names…

We all know the traditional guest book. Usually a beautifully bound book with a fancy pen for guests to sign their names and addresses as they enter the chapel or ceremony location. This traditional guest book used to be legally required because each guest was considered an official witness to the wedding.

Martha Stewart Weddings

Martha Stewart Weddings

(Photo from Martha Stewart Weddings)

This tradition has slowly morphed over the years to encompass something more meaningful for the bride and groom. Something that guests used to be legally required to do has become a way for them to share their well-wishes and advice with the newlywed couple. A way for the bride and groom to gather memories from their wedding day and from the people who have influenced their lives and relationship up to that point.

My own wedding guest book was a collection of engagement photos with space for our guests to write a note. It became a keepsake for my husband and I as it is more than a collection of names, it is a collection of memories.

Photo Guest Book

Photo Guest Book

(This photo and featured photo at the top of this article are courtesy of LVL Photography)

Tips for putting together your guest book:

Your guest book should reflect you and your unique wedding!
Whether you love the details, or if simplicity is your mantra, dress your guest book to reflect you! Use colors, ribbons, beading, pictures and other details to make it yours. I have seen guest books where guests are encouraged to type out a note on an old typewriter, a jar of cards, a framed picture, or can be as simple as a Polaroid camera and ink pen. Be creative!

Preserve your memories
Use a pen with non-fading ink. You will thank yourself years from now when you can still read every sentiment from your closest friends and family on this important day.

Recruit friends and family to start writing
Your guests may be shy about being the first one to write in your guest book. Break the ice for them by having your bridal party or family write a note before guests arrive.

Your guest book attendant is important!
Your guest book attendant should be someone who is outgoing and willing to draw people in to sign your guest book. Collect those memories!

How are you using the details of your wedding or relationship in your guest book? Any ideas to share? Please comment below! I love hearing your thoughts!


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